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Avatar Hunt King

Starting from the 15th of May 2023 till 5th of June 2023 we will launch the new Joker Avatar and Emoticons package with the fifth “Avatar Hunt” during IPF on Monday, 15th May 2023.

Unlock a new exciting Avatar & Emoticon pack by completing missions! Each completed task will unlock a different stage of the pack and you will be able to use it instantly!

Player Journey:

  1. Player is informed about the new feature that can be unlocked.
  2. Player can opt-in from the after log in message and/or missions page.
  3. Once player opted in the new avatars, table animations and emoticons are unlocked when:
  • 2D Avatar Mission Play 3 hands in any game

  • 3D Avatar Mission See the flop 10 times in any game

  • Table Animations Mission Go to showdown 15 times in any game

  • Emoticons Mission Win 5 hands with KK in any Hold’em game

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Avatar Hunt Joker missions will be available from 15/05/2023 00:00 GMT – 05/06/2023 23:59 GMT
  2. Opt in required once.
  3. Each mission can only be completed once per player.
  4. Missions have to be unlocked and completed in order.
  5. Players may not create more than one account on the RedStar website.
  6. If such a breach occurs, the RedStar administration may, at its discretion, close all such a Player’s accounts.
  7. All the standard network rules and RedStar Terms & Conditions apply in addition to these rules.