Security is a primary concern in operating an online poker service. While many of our competitors are treating encryption and security as an after-thought, RedStar Poker takes security serious right from the beginning of system design.

We operate in strict compliance with our privacy policy and your personal information is safely stored in a protected and monitored environment. We do not allow any third party access to your personal data, so you can have complete peace of mind when playing at RedStar Poker.


Collusion is an unacceptable practise that undermines the integrity of the games. In order to combat collusion, RedStar Poker employs numerous preventative security measures which include random security checks and log-file reviews. Our analysis includes automatic tracking of betting patterns related to the strength of a player's hand and referencing that against other players' actions at the same table to determine if they may be working together. Sophisticated algorithms are employed to identify, track and uncover collusion to help to ensure the integrity of our system and fairness at our tables.

Our Security Team will promptly and thoroughly investigate all complaints registered by players suspecting questionable practices or collusion. Any player found to be participating in collusion or deceptive practices will have their account immediately closed and will be permanently banned from our games.


All communications between the client program running on your computer and the RedStar Poker server in Curacao are encrypted. The unique cards dealt with each player are delivered exclusively to that particular player's computer, thus maintaining the privacy and integrity of the play. None of the other computers knows what your hidden cards are, thus preventing an opponent from hacking their client software to determine your cards. Packet sniffing by other players cannot be used to gain any advantage.


The use of Artificial Intelligence or bots is strictly forbidden. RedStar Poker employs measures to prevent and detect the use of programs that are designed to enable artificial intelligence (non-human) play. Players found to be using such programs will have their account closed immediately and they will be permanently banned from playing at RedStar Poker.