RedStar Poker Bonuses

PLEASE NOTE that all deposit and reload bonuses are being issued to your poker account within 15 minutes after your deposit is completed.

First Deposit Bonus 200%

RedStar Poker offers one of the most generous First Deposit Bonuses in the industry! Receive a 200% Bonus up to $2000 (1 700€/150 000₽/13 000¥/₴60 000) on your first deposit of 10$ (10€/700₽/60¥/₴250) or above. That means players will receive an extra $200 on an initial $100 deposit. The bonus will be paid out as Status Points are earned (€1 bonus for each 100 SP's earned), which can be monitored through poker client - My Account - Bonuses. Just start playing at any real money table in order to start gaining accumulate Status Points.

Bonus code is NOT REQUIRED! Bonus is valid for and must be turned over in 60 days.

Bonus System Terms

How the bonus system works.

You get bonuses increments by accumulating the required amount of Bonus Points (Status Points). Bonus Points are awarded when you play for real money, or participate in tournaments for real money.

Real money games.

Bonus Points are awarded to players in proportion to the amount they contributed to the pot, meaning that the player must participate in the draw. For every €1 rake, a player receives 10 Bonus Points.

Tournaments for real money

For each €1 of tournament fee (commission), the player also receives 10 Bonus Points.

Bonus Payout

Bonuses are credited to your account in equal parts when you collect the required number of Bonus Points. You can find detailed information about each payment in the poker client - My Account - Bonuses.

Each time you receive the next bonus increment, the total amount of funds to receive is reduced until it reaches zero.


Each bonus has a period during which it must be redeemed. If you do not have time to do this, the remain bonus amount will be canceled. However, do not get upset! RedStar offers bonuses regularly and you can take advantage of another offer!