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VIP Levels

RedStar Team has developed a unique reward system for players - “VIP Levels”, which provides various rewards for our regular players.

The Loyalty program consists of 2 levels: Red and Star.

Regardless of how much time you spend at the poker table, at what limits you play, you will receive a Rakeback by exchanging Status Points for cash. You can read more about how bonus points are earned on the page below.

Level Red

The starting level for all RedStar Poker players, at which you have the opportunity to exchange bonus points according to the following calculation: 50 SP for €1, which gives a 20% Rakeback. Regardless of how much rake you generate during the month, you will not lose this VIP level.

Level Star

An advanced level for active RedStar Poker players, at which it will be possible to exchange bonus points according to the following calculation: 29 SP for €1, which will give a 35% Rakeback.
  * To reach this level, the player needs to earn 5000 SP. You can follow the progress of points accumulation in the poker client - My Account - VIP
  * After accumulating 5000 SP, you will be immediately promoted to the Star level. During the remaining month and the next calendar month, you will receive a 35% Rakeback.
  * To keep the Star level, you should confirm your qualification by accumulating 5000 SP each calendar month.
  * If you do not earn the required points to confirm the qualification, you return to the Red level again.

To activate the exchange option in the poker client - My Account - Points Exchange, you must earn at least 50 SP at any VIP level.

Bonus Points (Status Points)

All RedStar Poker players earn bonus points (Status Points) as they play real money poker in cash games or tournaments. For each €1 rake you pay during the game, you will receive 10 bonus points (Status Points). You also earn 10 bonus points (Status Points) for every €1 paid as a commission in the tournament.

We use a proportional system of crediting bonus points, so when you pay a tournament fee of € 0.45, you will receive 4.50 bonus points.


How do I check my Loyalty Points balance?
You can check the balance of bonus points in poker client - My Account – Points Exchange. Also, you can see the whole history of the accumulation of bonus points in My Account – History – Points.

How do I get my Rakeback?
You can exchange your bonus points for real money at any time in the poker client - My Account - Points exchange. Calculations of the sale of points for VIP levels are Red € 1 for every 50 SP and Star level € 1 for every 29 SP. Your points balance must be at least 50 SP.

Can my bonus points expire?
Points earned during a current calendar month will be available for exchange in the poker client until the end of the following calendar month (GMT). For example, points earned during June will be available for exchange inclusively until the last day of July, after their validity will expire. Please note that it is impossible to return points after they expired!

What can I do with my bonus points?
You can only redeem them in cash.

Why can I not redeem all my Loyalty Points for cash?
If your bonus points balance is 49 or less, the exchange function will not be available. Earn 50 points or more to make this feature active.

How many points will be consumed when it is converted to cash?
As soon as you earn at least 50 SP, you will be able to exchange the entire amount of points scored without a residue. The calculation for the exchange of VIP levels: for the Red VIP level, you get €1 for every 50 SP and the Star VIP level €1 for every 29 SP. (e.g. for the Red VIP level, if earned 75 SP, you can redeem the whole amount into €1.50).

When I redeem my points, does it affect my VIP Level status?
No, the exchange of points does not affect your current VIP level. Also, the exchange of points does not involve the wagering of the poker bonus.