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Weekly Speed Race

Starting from 5th of December 2022 up to 29th of January 2023 you have the opportunity to participate in €1,000 Weekly Speed Poker Leaderboard promotion! Earn as much Leaderboard points as you can during weekly qualification period and get a chance to win up to €200 in cash.


  • Players must opt in once for the duration of the Promotion Period.
  • Players can earn points during 1,000 Speed Poker hands that are dealt to them. Once a player has been dealt 1,000 Speed Poker hands the points are locked.
  • Players can reset their Leaderboard points if they are unhappy with their current score. This can be done up to 99x times during the weekly qualification period.

Weekly €1,000 in client Speed Poker Leaderboard

Earn points forPoints awarded
Win a hand with pocket cards 22win 2 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 33win 3 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 44win 4 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 55win 5 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 66win 6 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 77win 7 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 88win 8 points
Win a hand with pocket cards 99win 9 points
Win a hand with pocket cards TTwin 10 points
Win a hand with pocket cards JJwin 11 points
Win a hand with pocket cards QQwin 12 points
Win a hand with pocket cards KKwin 13 points
Win a hand with pocket cards AAwin 14 points

Weekly Qualification Periods

Week#Start DateEnd Date
Week 1Monday 05/12/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 11/12/2022 23:59 GMT
Week 2Monday 12/12/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 18/12/2022 23:59 GMT
Week 3Monday 19/12/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 25/12/2022 23:59 GMT
Week 4Monday 26/12/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 01/01/2023 23:59 GMT
Week 5Monday 02/01/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 08/01/2023 23:59 GMT
Week 6Monday 09/01/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 15/01/2023 23:59 GMT
Week 7Monday 16/01/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 22/01/2023 23:59 GMT
Week 8Monday 23/01/2022 00:00 GMTSunday 29/01/2023 23:59 GMT

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion Period: Monday 05/12/2022 00:00 GMT - Sunday 29/01/2023 23:59 GMT.
  2. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC) applies to all times stated.
  3. To participate in this Promotion, players must opt in via the poker software once during the Promotion Period.
  4. Stake multiplier for Speed Poker tables:
    • €5 Speed points x1
    • €10 Speed points x1.1
    • €20 Speed points x1.25
    • €50 Speed points x1.5
    • €100 Speed points x1.75
  5. Players can achieve only 1 prize per leaderboard.
  6. In the event that 2 or more players end the weekly qualification period with the same number of points, the player that reached their final number of points first will be ranked higher in the leaderboard.
  7. We are not responsible for any adverse effects any participants experience throughout the use of their prize.
  8. RedStar Administration and iPoker Network reserve the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these terms: (i) without notice if the change or cancellation is a result of any legal or regulatory change; or (ii) for any other valid reason by giving you notice in advance of the change, provided that such change or amendment shall not have a detrimental effect on players that have already participated in missions according to this Promotion.
  9. Players may not create more than one account on the RedStar poker room website to enter the Promotion. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms, we reserve the rights, at our sole discretion, to exclude a Player from participating in the Promotion or to refuse to award a Prize to a Player's account.
  10. If such a breach occurs, the RedStar administration may, at its discretion, close all such a Player’s accounts.
  11. All of the normal network rules and RedStar Terms & Conditions apply in addition to these rules.