Prohibited software during poker games

In our room, you can use only those programs that help you collect and save statistics and hand history on your device. (Questions regarding those programs' technical side and availability can be solved by contacting developers.)

Please note that all programs that help a player to make decisions in the game based on artificial intelligence (bots) are strictly prohibited. To protect the integrity of the iPoker network and ensure fairness for all players, iPoker Security monitors the active processes of players’ computers for the use of prohibited software while the poker client is active.

Сhanges in the policy for users of the third-party application Hand2Note

The following Hand2Note features are not available live at the tables: Positional and Dynamic HUD; Preflop and postflop diagrams (they'll be replaced by a list of hand categories); Stats based on player's known pocket cards; Auto color markers on players showing either player is a fish or a reg; Badges. These restrictions mean that the players will need to upgrade to the latest version or risk being deemed to use an illegal tool.

Prohibited Tools and Services
The following are prohibited at all times:
  • Any tool or service that plays without human intervention (effectively reduces the need for human decision-making) or offers advice on what action to take by reading the current game state concurrent with play, commonly known as a Bot, GTO, and RTA (Real Time Assistance). Examples include but are not limited to Shanky Bot / Preflop Autofolder.
  • The practice of compiling hands by observing games without playing or using hands acquired through such methods is commonly known as data mining. Examples include but are not limited to SmartHand/statname.
  • Any tool or service that assists in game selection efficacy is commonly known as seating scripts. Examples include but are not limited to Magic Seat/one007.
The following are prohibited while our software is running:
  • Reference materials that provide advice beyond a basic level and tools or services geared toward ease of referral to said materials. Examples include but are not limited to Equilab/AssassinatoHUD.
  • Tools or services that compute advanced equity calculation. Examples include but are not limited to Piosolver/ICMIZER.

For the avoidance of doubt, any software which advises or removes the decision process or automates the interaction with the poker client by a human being is strictly prohibited while playing at the tables.

Actions and potential consequences

Any player deemed to be using such software may have their poker account permanently closed and/or funds confiscated to recompense those players affected by its illegitimate use against them.


Online privacy is essential to everyone; iPoker will only monitor the active processes while the poker client is open. No information or data outside of the active processes is collected by iPoker, and only information on prohibited software processes will be retained. iPoker does not see your internet browsing history, documents, or other private files and information. iPoker does not collect personal information other than that provided by the player during account registration and routine security verifications. No staff member can read or copy private data from your machine.